What is Dementia

Dementia is an umbrella term describing a group of symptoms. It is not one specific disease. While dementia poses difficulties, a diagnosis does not preclude an active, happy, fulfilled life. Living meaningfully with dementia is achievable. There is ongoing research, assistive technologies, and live-in care make comfortable, safe home living possible.

Our goal is empowering those with dementia to thrive at home. We provide the knowledge and support to embrace dementia’s challenges. Focusing on retained abilities, celebrating victories, and nurturing independence can transform obstacles into success.

At Care Elite, our ethos is providing compassionate, safe, high-quality care. We invest in continuous training and professional development to equip care workers with the latest skills, knowledge, and experience. We foster a culture of learning, so our team feels supported in expanding their skills.

What does Dementia Care Include?

Care plans focus on the whole person behind the diagnosis, ensure that their unique history, family, wishes, preferences, health needs and abilities are at the centre of their care. This enables us to tailor dignified, respectful care to each of our clients based on their needs whilst upholding our commitment to compassionate, safe, high-quality care.

A dementia diagnosis opens a new chapter, not the final page. With compassion and support, the story continues to unfold in beautiful ways. Each day presents an opportunity to write new memories filled with meaning, joy, and love.