Elderly Care

As we grow older, additional support is often needed.

Why is Elderly Care Important

Additional support is needed because household chores can be a drain, medication management can become complicated, the outdoors can be difficult to manage as insecurity in mobility settles and socialization becomes elusive. Isolation becomes a norm, and all this becomes hard to accept and manage even without a serious illness -such as dementia or heart conditions- being present.

At Care Elite, we provide personalized elderly care day and night and enable clients to remain comfortably and safely in their own homes while receiving the care they need. Live-in care is increasingly becoming more popular as a choice instead of care homes. This became very apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic that highlighted the many benefits of live-in care. Not only does it promote independence while remaining at home, but -crucially- live-in care is much more dynamic and easily adaptable to the constantly changing needs of elderly people.

The Advantages of Live-in Elderly Care

Our compassionate, vetted, and trained carers assist with daily activities, household tasks, health needs, social engagement, and maintaining comfort and dignity. Our carers monitor behavior and changes in habits that may need further attention. Crucially, our carers manage and administer medication to safeguard accuracy and promptness. All carers’ actions are logged and reviewed by our care manager and supervisors using the latest operational (live) software applications.

Frequently the cost of live-in care compares more favorably to that of a care home and is more controlled with no surprises. Elderly care is mostly privately funded, either from the care recipient or their family. Other sources of funding for care that facilitate the elderly to remain at home include council funding or NHS Elderly Care which is mainly funded by Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) that replaced Clinical Commissioning Groups.