Our Team

Nicolas Romasanta & … are the heart and soul of the service.

Their passion for care is evident in everything that they do, as well as their commitment to raising the standard of care in the services that they provide.

Our Team Values

We’re committed to helping clients stay in their homes, adapting to their evolving needs and providing a viable alternative to care homes. Specialising in complex care, we offer continuous, comprehensive services tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring a nurturing and safe home environment.

Our key strengths lie in our small, cohesive management team, our thoroughly vetted and highly trained professional care workers, and our effective use of technology and systems. These elements work synergistically to assist carers, give control to the management team, and offer transparency to our clients’ families.

Nicolas, with over 10 years in the field, has extensive experience in managing complex care, both as a care manager and a registered manager. His journey in the sector has reinforced his belief that live-in care is a unique and critical aspect of domiciliary care, requiring a dedicated and specialised approach. Nicolas’s insights and leadership are instrumental in shaping our services, ensuring that our live-in care offerings are tailored, responsive, and of the highest quality.

Our core philosophy at Care Elite centres on the conviction that live-in clients thrive with carers who are not only attuned to their personalities but also expertly trained for their specific needs. We prioritise long-term, stable carer-client relationships over frequent changes. This approach ensures sustained high-quality care, while also managing carers effectively to provide them with the necessary respite, breaks and support.

Our USP is applying our knowledge and experience in complex care and our passion for excellence in the provision of live-in care.

Nicolas Romasanta

Nicolas, our Nominated individual and managing director of Care Elite has worked in Social Care for the past 10 years, working at senior level and establishing himself as a forward-thinking client driven manager. Nicolas plays an essential role within the service and remains a key point of contact for staff and clients.

How we work

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