Live-in care services

Our live-in care services include:


Elder Care

We provide personalised care that enables clients to remain comfortably and safely in their own homes, while receiving the care they need.

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medication management

Medication Administration & Management

Medication is often vital for people’s health, so it is important that it is managed and administered carefully. We can support our clients to take their medication as prescribed, help to monitor for any side effects and ensure that medication is stored safely.

mobility support

Mobility support

Carers can provide support to clients who experience mobility issues or muscle weakness. This support can help client to remain as independent as possible and can be a vital part of mitigating falls.

emotional support

Emotional support and companionship

We believe that companionship is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and we encourage our carers to engage positively, so that our clients feel comfortable to share their interests, hobbies, aspirations and dreams.

meal preparation

Meal preparation and light housekeeping chores

Eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated are all essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Carers can provide support with housekeeping chores, easing any worry or stress you may have. Carers can help you to shop for healthy foods, prepare meals and stay hydrated.

hygiene support

Personal Care Support

Carers can work with you to provide as much or as little support as you need with bathing, dressing and grooming. Personal care plans are agreed and are continuously updated to ensure that clients receive the support needed.

We have specially trained carers for supporting the following conditions:

dementia care


Care Elite provides the support you need to continue living comfortably at home with dementia.

Our compassionate, vetted and specially trained for dementia carers follow customized plans addressing unique dementia challenges. We uphold familiar routines while promoting independence and choices. We help with planning and take part in activities that are enjoyable and promote exercise and mild stimulation. Our carers are mindful of consistency and safety. Our service offers continuity that better ensures that our clients receive care that reflects their life stories, preferences and communication pathways.

We understand dementia and acknowledge the importance of our support in overcoming hurdles and ensuring familiarity.

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parkinson care


Care Elite recognises the profound hurdles a Parkinson’s diagnosis brings, but we believe home should remain a place of refuge and renewal for our clients. Our care teams develop customised plans embracing daily joys while proactively overcoming emerging obstacles.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS Care

Care Elite will partner alongside you on your MS journey. With evolving care, our team nurtures heart, mind, and body to empower resilience for the path ahead.

stroke care

Stroke care

A-List Elite Care supports stroke survivors with specialized therapies and daily assistance to rediscover life’s special moments.

cancer care

Cancer care

A cancer diagnosis puts up walls we help gently tear down – navigating treatments, providing respite, embracing precious days of feeling vibrant and alive. A-List Elite Care tends body and spirit through the journey.



Epilepsy breeds uncertainty, but home remains steady ground. A-List Elite Care builds schedules and spaces minimizing risks and triggers, while care teams respond with knowledge and reassurance when seizures occur.

Why Live-in Care

We passionately believe that live-in care at home offers more substantial benefits than moving into a care home.

Remaining at home sustains independence and familiarity vital for dementia clients’ wellbeing. Personalised live-in care also promotes safety, comfort, and  security through customised support.


Advantages of our live-in care services

Dementia Care Services

Comfort of your own home

Continue to enjoy a guaranteed quality of life in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the familiarity of your memories and possessions.

integrated technology to elderly care

Integrated Technology

Our real-time care and support technology is customised to your individual wants, needs, and well-being.

elderly support

1:1 support

One-on-one care provides you with the support you need to live with a better quality of life, pursue your hobbies and maintain your routines.

Specially trained carer

Our carers offer compassionate care that makes you feel safe and comfortable. With continuous training in specialised areas by qualified professionals, we uphold the highest levels of professionalism.

Safe recruitment

Our recruitment process ensures each care worker is aligned with Care Elites values and ethos. All staff are fully vetted and cross referenced, before on-boarding them with comprehensive training.

Elderly Care Services

Fully managed and regulated service.

We remain committed to each step of the care delivery process, from initial consultation to ongoing monitoring.

Through our regular and spot-check supervisions we make sure that the delivery and quality of care never falter. We also endure that both clients and carers are happy.

During respite and carer breaks / holidays we ensure the selection of a suitable replacement carer and continuously manage the hand-over process. We are there to guarantee continuous, excellent care for you or your loved ones. We are awaiting our Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration and aim to always ensure that all care provided is fully compliant with CQC regulations.